New Performance compression fabric infused with odor reducing copper

  • Kevin
    Kevin Caliber
    (FMR) Lance Corporal, US Marine Corps / Entertainer

    “It doesn't matter if you're hurt or not, you gotta get through the aches and the pains. If something like compression can make the difference, there's no reason why not to give it a try. It's revolutionary.”

  • Aryln
    Arlyn Delapeña
    (FMR) Captain, US Army / Registered Nurse

    “If Copper Fit® can help you reach your next goal, why not? Because it's here to help you, and it will. It's remarkable.”

  • King
    King Bless
    (FMR) Lieutenant, US Navy / Consultant

    “I know the pain i felt beforehand when I didn't have it and now actually using it takes away some of that pain. I'm a Copper Fit® believer.”

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer Campbell
    (FMR) Specialist, US Army / Personal Trainer

    “We all want to do our best and be 100% all the time and sometimes that's just tough. With Copper Fit®, the achiness went away.”

  • Travis
    Travis Tendler
    (FMR) Sr. Airman, US Air Force / Mechanic

    “It's not only for the extreme athlete, it's literally for everyone.”

  • Sean
    Sean Ryan
    (FMR) Lance Corporal, US Marine Corps / Fire Captain

    “You got a sore knee, you got a sore elbow, wear it.”

  • Dran
    D-Ran Neal
    (FMR) 1st Lieutenant, US Army / Professional Dancer

    “In the military, truth is number one. I've used it myself personally, Copper Fit® is THE solution.”

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  • See how it holds up in action
  • See how it holds up in action
  • See how it holds up in action
  • See how it holds up in action

Helps reduce swelling for faster relief & recovery

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